Our residential recording studio stands out as a haven for the realization of artistic projects within a luxurious, unique, and inspiring setting, harmoniously nestled in nature.

Whether it’s recording, mixing, or post-production work, our experienced team is ready to meet all your artistic requirements. Our studio and living spaces can be configured in a variety of ways, ensuring that your projects are optimally adapted to your needs.

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For each recording, we use personalised techniques, meticulously tailored to meet the requirements of each artist. Our studio, equipped with an SSL Origin analogue console, an array of high-quality microphones and external peripherals, excels at both track-by-track recording and capturing live performances.
Our spacious live rooms and isolation booths are ideal for groups and creating workstations during writing camps. Every detail of our environment has been meticulously considered to ensure exceptional sound quality, meeting the highest industry standards. Thus, each session becomes an immersive experience, where the artist's creativity comes to life with unparalleled clarity.


Our commitment is to make mixing an unforgettable experience, elevating your music to new heights of emotion and impact. By combining digital and analogue processing, we offer a rich and immersive sonic palette. Our selection of plugins and outboard gear ensures the best of both worlds, delivering exceptional sound quality.
Throughout our process, we take inspiration from your musical references and rigorously follow your artistic direction. This collaboration allows us to strike a perfect balance, where technical and artistic sensibilities meet to create a sound experience that exceeds expectations.

Writing Residency

Our 350m² residential recording studio provides an ideal setting for writing camps. Featuring spacious and comfortable spaces, the studio is set in an inspiring and peaceful environment, conducive to effective collaborative working. For added flexibility, we provide mobile audio equipment, allowing you to compose wherever you are.
Whether for intensive composition sessions, strategic reflections, or spontaneous creative moments, our studio offers an exceptional space where professional efficiency is combined with an inspiring atmosphere for memorable and successful writing camps.

On-Demand Services

At Flow Studios, we also offer a full range of post-production services. Whether you're planning the recording or mixing of podcasts, trailers or commercials, our dedicated team is ready to bring your vision to life. For an immersive experience, we also provide the option to enlist a videographer to capture your live performance at Flow Studios.
We are committed to mobilising all our resources and expertise to help you bring your project to fruition in the best possible way.


Experience the comfort of our accommodation spread across two floors, accommodating up to ten people. Each space has been thoughtfully designed to provide optimal comfort, featuring premium beds and relaxation areas. For larger groups, additional accommodations are available nearby, offering a flexible solution to meet your specific lodging needs.
Enhance your stay by choosing our highly acclaimed catering service, an added value that has already won over our guests. We are committed to making your stay a complete experience, where comfort, fine cuisine and exceptional hospitality come together to create unforgettable memories.

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