The Residence

Refocus your energy and career by escaping the frenzy of a large city or a busy lifestyle. Enjoy a new environment to inspire creativity and productivity.

Our residential recording facility is located in the Loire Valley, France. We are situated on the edge of a forest, in the hollow of a green valley bordered by stunning rocky escarpments.

Studio Facilities

200m2 of residential facilities include an upscale lounge / kitchen area for relaxing between sessions, an apartment on the 1st floor level and a residence on the 2nd floor level providing both accommodation and writing rooms.

36m2 open plan kitchen and lounge area | Bathroom with Italian shower | Air conditioning & under floor heating | Free wifi

Open Plan Kitchen

For aspiring chefs or for those in need of a quick bite, our stylish kitchen provides a comfortable and inspiring setting to drum up your next creation.

A local tabac / bar and a small market in close proximity provides cheese, hams and wine. A 10-minute drive will lead you to a larger choice of supermarkets, caves and boulangeries.


Custom designed granite and oak kitchen | 10 seated granite table | DeLonghi bean to cup espresso and cappuccino machine | DeLonghi kettle and toaster | Electrolux induction hob | Electrolux dishwasher | Rosieres oven | LG American Fridge | Bosch microwave | Candy Wine fridge.

Open Plan Lounge

Relax between sessions in this chic open plan lounge with contemporary furnishings. A gaze across the valley may just lead you to wander through the forests or you may prefer curling up on a comfy sofa to read a book or to watch a show.


Bo-Concept designer furniture | Flush mounted 55” sony TV | Bowers & Wilkins in wall speakers


Valley View Residence

This beautifully appointed residence with bespoke guest rooms accommodates up to 5-6 people. Each room enjoys stunning views across the valley.

"Golden Slumbers" Room

1st floor | 20m2 | Twin or queen bed | Osaka sofa bed | Egyptian cotton bedding | 2000 pockets spring mattress

"Hard Days Night" Room

1st floor | 10m2 | Twin or queen bed | Egyptian cotton bedding | 2000 pockets spring mattress


1st floor | 4.5m2 | Italian shower | Cotton 600gsm towels


Serves 1st & 2nd floors | 3.2m2 | Laundry facilities

Forest View Residence

These living quarters with majestic views accommodate up to 6-7 people.

"I Just Wasn't Made For These Times" Room

2nd floor | 18m2 | Twin or queen bed | Day bed | Egyptian cotton bedding | 2000 pockets spring mattress

"You Still Believe In Me" Room

2nd floor | 18m2 | Twin or queen bed | Egyptian cotton bedding | 2000 pockets spring mattress

Bathroom and Kitchen


The Writing Rooms

Floating between river and sky and nestled in a forest, these writing rooms, alongside the bedrooms, offer an idyllic place to pen your next creation. Equipment and instruments are available.

"Tangled Up In Blue" Room

2nd floor | 14,5 m2 | sofa bed

"Time Has Told Me" Room

2nd floor | 21m2 | dining table

"Bird On A Wire" Room

2nd floor | 36m2 | Attic with 5-metre ceiling


Catered Service

We offer a flexible service for catering adjusting to both your preference and budget. Our selected caterers specialise in both traditional French gastronomy and contemporary world cuisine.


Take advantage of a fully catered service! Or, blend a half catered service with the use of our beautiful kitchen. Alternatively, channel your inner chef, selecting self-catered with a restaurant visit or two thrown in.

Local Restaurants

A great restaurant and two crêperies with adjoining bars are accessible by foot from Flow Studios.
Within 10 to 20 minutes drive, a wider selection can be found in neighbouring towns including Ernée, Mayenne and Laval. Everything from a Michelin star restaurant to a selection of casual bistros/bars are available.
A 1hr drive will take you to Rennes where the culinary landscape features an impressive number of award winning restaurants, authentic markets and fine dining establishments.

Hôtel Restaurant des Voyageurs

The name evokes XIX century travellers who passed through this tranquil and historic town, yet thanks to owners Vanessa and Christophe, this restaurant combines locally sourced contemporary and traditional French cuisine in a chic and modern environment. Hôtel Restaurant des Voyageurs offers a daily menu and four gastronomic menus. Located within close walking distance from Flow Studios, their premises also offer a bar-tobacco.


In the beautiful historic town of Chailland, two crêperies serve delicious wheat and buckwheat pancakes and crêpes. Isabelle, owner of the organic crêperie, La Jamelinière combines local produce with stunningly exquisite countryside views. For a wider menu and bar, Crêperie des Forges is available and located in close walking distance from Flow Studios.

Things to do


Flow Studios has the advantage of being placed between the historic and tranquil village centre of Chailland and the peaceful manicured gardens that lead to a concealed forested expanse.
The history of this village is deeply marked by the forges, which from 1550, and during three centuries, were the heartbeat of the village. Washhouses and mills tell the story of everyday life. Identical small houses aligned along the river, reveal the importance of previous working communities.
Backed by a protective and reassuring rock face, the village takes form around the XIth century Romanesque church, with domain, mill and manor. A river that generates energy flows at its feet, feeding the surrounding forests. To fully embrace this incredible environment, it’s best to venture up to the terraced gardens and discover the century chapel and the virgin on the rock which overlook the village.


Mont-Saint-Michel, is one of Europe's most unforgettable sights. Dating back to the 8th century, this magical island topped by a gravity-defying medieval monastery, was for centuries one of Europe’s major pilgrimage destinations. Above medieval walls and towers, rise the clustered buildings of the village with the ancient abbey crowning the mount. This holy island is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, alongside its breathtaking bay. The connection between the Mont Saint-Michel and the mainland has changed over the centuries. Previously connected by a tidal causeway uncovered only at low tide, it was converted into a raised causeway in 1879. In 2014, the new bridge by architect Dietmar Feichtinger was opened to the public. The light bridge allows the waters to flow freely around the island. Mont-Saint-Michel can be reached by car from Flow Studios in 1hr20. Other beaches can also be reached within 1hr20, including Jullouville and Carolles.

Loire Valley, Pays de la Loire

Loire Valley is a UNESCO listed World heritage Site since 2000. Expansive rivers, vineyards and many of the grandest French châteaux are located in the Loire Valley.

The largest medieval fortress of Europe situated in Fougéres, alongside historic gothic cities like Vitré can be reached within 30 minutes drive from Flow Studios.

Picturesque villages like Fontaine Danièle and Juvigné can also be reached within 20 minutes drive.

For scenic cycle and walking routes, there are many access points along the river Mayenne, including Montflours. Beautiful walks are immediately available from directly outside Flow Studios.

City Life

RENNES –this vibrant University City can be reached within one hour's drive from Flow Studios. The large number of students ensures that Rennes’ nightlife is thriving. City landmarks boast architectural gems and its cultural offerings are something to be envied, with everything from classical culture through to contemporary exhibitions in pop up venues. For any foodies out there, its blossoming gastronomic scene has also been praised as the “new face of gastronomy”. No wonder it’s often voted one of the best places to live in France.

PARIS – there are an abundance of reasons to visit the most romantic city in the world. The streets of Paris overflow with culture, art, beauty, and history. Paris is famed for its cafe culture, incredible museums, historic landmarks, haute couture and a buzzing nightlife. All this can be reached by train in 1hr 30 from Flow Studios.