The Recording Studio

A John Brandt designed recording studio, climate controlled, and acoustically treated to the highest possible standard.

120 m2 of studio facilities offer a highly flexible workflow throughout the studio, including 96 patchable audio lines, a dedicated hearback system, remote recording and the potential for live scoring to film. These facilities allow artists within both the music and film industry to take advantage of our services.

Our growing list of instruments, equipment and gear is maintained to the highest standard.

Equipment List


ATC SCM110ASL Pro 3-Way Active Monitors (2)

Rythmik Audio subwoofer DS1510BLK & 600WRMS servo amplifier H600XLR2 (2)


SSL ORIGIN 32 channel analogue

Antelope Orion – Gen 3. 32-Channel AD/DA

Signex Bantom pro series PST96


Neumann U87AI (2)

Neumann KM184 stereo pair (2)

AKG C414-XLS (2)

Sennheiser MD421-22 (3)

Shure SM57-LC (4)

Electro-Voice RE20 (2)

Coles 4038 Stereo pair

Coles 4071B (2)

Royer R-121

Flea 47


BAE 1073MPL (6)

DBX 560A (4)


Bechstein C – SN:67697 | 1904 fully restored

Jean Pierre Favino 1996 D hole

Fender Twin Amp ’65

1966 Ludwig Super Classic Outfit in Black Diamond Pearl (22×14, 13×9 and 16×16)

Ludwig matching 14×5 Jazz Festival snare

Ludwig 70’s Supraphonic 400 snare

Cymbal and Gong Holy Grail A series (14 hats, 16 and 20)

Hear Back

Beyer DT770 Pro Closed Reference Headphones (8)

Behringer Powerplay P16-I Module with 3 x Behringer Powerplay P16D Ultranet

Behringer Powerplay P16-M Personal Mixer with P16-MB Mount (8)

Stands, Wires, DI

Latch Lake micKing 2200 Big Foot Boom Stand (2)

Triad-Orbit T3 Articulating Tripod Tall Mic Stand (3)

Triad-Orbit 01 Single-Arm Orbital Boom (3)

K&M 210/8 Microphone Stand – Black (5)

K&M 25900 Low level 2-Piece Telescopic boom stand – Black (5)

Adam Hall SDMSB190 Stereo Bar for Two Microphones (2)

ATLAS PRO Hardware (3x cymbal boom stands, 2x snare stands, 1x hihat stand)

DW9000 Single Pedal

Microphone cable 5 metre

Microphone cable 10 metre

Instrument cable 5 metre

Instrument cable 10 metre

Palmer PAN 01 Pro

Palmer PAN 04

Royer PS-101 Metal Pop Screen Filter with Gooseneck


Taster Sessions

We provide tailored taster sessions, which can include an objective assessment focusing on experimentation, writing, arrangement and technique.

Before committing to longer recording sessions, the ability to hash out ideas and to develop an agreed plan of action provides more time for writers to develop their arrangements and for players to rehearse or perfect their performance. This can ultimately result with a more productive, refined and thoughtful end product.

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Writing Camps

Our writing rooms offer accommodation on the third floor of our property. Rather than use the studio for the entirety of your stay, these spaces provide a less formal environment to try out ideas. When combined with the potential to book studio time, this option can provide a cost effective way of pushing a project forwards.

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